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Located outside of Houston, in Harris County, Tomball not only has a small-town feel, but also provides easy access to Texas’ largest metropolitan area. Given the area’s explosive growth in the last few years, Tomball and its neighbors are major draws for those who want easy living with convenience on the side.

The safety-conscious Tomball resident needs insurance for multiple parts of their life. It’s there because it will protect you, your bank account and others. Let Remco Insurance Agencies help you get covered.

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Tomball Car Insurance

Texas roadways present a variety of accident risks for all drivers and vehicles. From highways to your driveway, you need to have car insurance for your own protection. Most policies can offer at least:

  • Liability coverage (30/60/25 limits required by Texas law)
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Personal injury protection (PIP coverage)
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage

Unique Vehicle Coverage Options: Many drivers don’t qualify for a standard car insurance policy. We’ll help you get specialized coverage options, including:

Our team can compare the policies and prices of credible Texas insurance providers. We can help you find the best possible policy to best protect the important things in your life.

Car Insurance FAQs

Does Texas require you to carry car insurance?

In most cases, all Texas drivers must carry auto policies that offer at least:

  • $30,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident (two or more people injured)
  • $25,000 property damage liability coverage

This coverage will help you repay the damage costs you cause third parties (other drivers, pedestrians) harmed by your driving mistakes. Because Texas is an at-fault insurance state, you might have an obligation to pay for the damage. 

How much is car insurance in Texas per month?

Statewide, Texas drivers pay at least $30 – $40/month for their policy. However, most drivers pay on average between $80 – $100/month for their policies. Individual premiums for Tomball drivers will vary based on the policyholder’s individual and localized driving risks.

What makes my premium go up?

Multiple factors, like the amount of coverage you buy and your driving record, could influence how much you pay for car insurance. However, if you have to make policy claims, you might see premiums rise, because you become more of a cost risk to the insurer.  

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Tomball residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (281) 255-3337. You can also can stop by our location in Tomball. We will be happy to see you!

 Home Insurance Info (click to read more)

Tomball Homeowners Insurance

Tomball’s real estate market is very competitive. All buyers will need homeowners insurance in order to protect themselves, their houses and others. Policies can offer multiple lines of coverage, including:

  • Property/structure insurance
  • Possessions and contents coverage
  • Scheduled belongings insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Pet bite coverage
  • Expenses coverage

Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Is house insurance necessary?

In many cases, homeowners insurance is not only necessary, but also required. Before they will issue loans, mortgage lenders frequently require home buyers to carry at least structure coverage, and possibly other coverage.

Do you have to pay homeowners insurance at closing?

You usually must present proof of homeowners insurance around the time you close on the home. In some cases, you will have to pay the entire first-year premium upfront, to satisfy lender and agency requirements. However, this is not always the case, so you might have the option to pay in installments. 

What happens if you don't have home insurance?

Without home insurance, you put your personal solvency at risk. Rather than having financial troubles following home accidents, your policy will help you rebuild your life. Keep in mind, of course, that going without coverage might make it increasingly difficult to secure a favorable mortgage as well.  

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Tomball residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (281) 255-3337. You can also can stop by our location in Tomball. We will be happy to see you!

 Renters Insurance (click to read more)

Tomball Renters Insurance

A renters insurance policy can apply to almost any rental property in Texas. Policyholders can insure not only their own property, but also the liabilities and property of others. Policies usually offer

  • Possessions coverage
  • Liability insurance
  • Expenses coverage

Renters Insurance FAQs

What is renters insurance?

Like with homeowners insurance, renters insurance will help you protect personal assets in case problems occur in your residence. However, coverage won’t burden you with coverage you don’t need (such as structure coverage) since you don’t own the house itself. 

Why do I need it?

A damaging occurrence in any home could create hardships for you. Coverage therefore will help you afford your recovery in ways that won’t hurt your budget.

Also, living in a rental is a liability risk. You could always cause harm to others, including your landlord. That’s why most landlords require renters to carry liability coverage. You’ll have to get covered before you can get your keys, in most cases. 

Doesn't my landlord's policy cover me?

In some cases, your landlord’s policy will pay for damage in the home. For example, if a storm damages the home, then the landlord’s coverage will pay for the repairs. However, if you cause the damage, then the cost of repairs might be your responsibility. Your liability coverage might pay in these cases.

How much is the average renters insurance?

Renters insurance is often very affordable, and policyholders usually pay less than $20/month in Texas. Our agents can ensure you get appropriate coverage that doesn’t break the bank.  

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Tomball residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (281) 255-3337. You can also can stop by our location in Tomball. We will be happy to see you!

 Business Insurance Info (click to read more)

Tomball Business Insurance

Every business needs insurance. To get the right coverage, you will rely on multiple policy options like:

  • Business Owners Policies (BOPs)
  • Structure and contents coverage
  • General liability insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Business Insurance FAQs

What does small business insurance cover?

A variety of unavoidable or accidental hazards might damage your business, impact operations or harm others. Small business insurance will help you cover the cost losses resulting from these accidents. However, it often won’t cover losses from preventable or reasonably avoidable occurrences. 

What types of insurance are needed for small businesses?

Different businesses need different types and amounts of insurance. The options listed above are just a few of multiple types of coverage available to business owners. Depending on your industry and operating risks, we can help you determine further policy needs. 

Do I need liability insurance for my small business?

Every business needs liability insurance. It will protect you in case you cause harm to third parties, like your clients. Coverage will help the affected parties afford and recover from their personal created because of your mistakes.

There are many types of liability insurance, including: bodily injury, property damage, employment practices, directors & officers (D&O), errors & omissions (E&O), products-completed and umbrella coverage. Our agents can help you determine the right combinations of policies. 

Tomball residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (281) 255-3337. Or you can stop by one of our Tomball office on W. Main St. We will be happy to see you!

The agents at Remco Insurance know how to help clients get the right personal or commercial insurance. We will use our thirty years of experience to help you enroll in affordable, targeted coverage.

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