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Rahim Peerbhai is the owner and founder of the automobile insurance Agency - Remco Insurance.

Remco insurance is an auto insurance company to which their policies provide vehicular coverage & security for vehicle owners to mitigate cost associated with getting involved in auto related accidents as well as keeping its customers legal & protected on our roads

Mr. Rahim Peerbhai Started the company in 2008 aspiration influence of his father, Mr. Rehmat Peerbhai; an ingrained influence.

Mr. Rehmat Peerbhai  the founder & CEO of Amco insurance that would see the company (Amco Insurance) catapult to one of the largest and most expansive retail auto insurance outlets in the United States boasting an impressive array of over 300 retail insurance stores in Texas, Florida, California and many more states all acquired from the late 90s down to the current dispensation. Mr. Rehmat Peerbhai has also helped hundreds of agencies, families and friends expand their operations which have helped those people make futures for themselves and their families throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Rahim Peerbhai Using the ingrained influence that he received from his father’s success, he is now to able to see his company catapult to one of the largest and most expansive solely owned retail insurance outlets in the United States, boasting an impressive array of over 90 retail insurance offices in Texas and in more than 30 + Cities.

The backbone of Mr. Rahim Peerbhai’s philosophy is one that encapsulates the facet of hard-working, whilst simultaneously transcending the plains of mediocrity.

Mr. Peerbhai is an inclusive individual who prefers to engage in the nitty-gritty of a task firsthand; tasks that could range from as formal as contraction preparation, accounting, sales training, human resources management, marketing strategies, project management strategic planning operational & retail departments training. Which include tasks such as informal as to laying the tiles or painting the walls to the remodel of a newly acquired prospect/office. This “hands-on” Philosophy of Mr. Peerbhai has seeped into the very cores of Remco Insurance and extends its reach into the insurance platform of the company, as it builds its ideology to accommodate and encompass the needs of every single customer in its fold, regardless of how big or small those customer needs may be.

With a current employee strength & professionally trained and licensed employees state wide and with a customer log exceeding 120,000 customers (with over 65% of them having engage with Remco Insurance for several years)

It is no wonder that the company has become a household enterprise in the state and subsequently, the United States.

“Rahim Peerbhai once stated his customers are very important & the way they are treated & handled & all customers are utmost priority no matter how big or small an issues is.

(But) also stated that his employees are very important to him & he strives & works extra hard to help them all have better lives.”

Mr. Rahim Peerbhai is a man of discipline and emotion, blending integrity, will and dedication in the schematic of customer affairs. His vision is to make the Remco Insurance brand a beacon of trust and accountability which customer is it any affiliation can work and grow; ultimately providing viable insurance blueprints that fit the needs of every single customer need them out of the scale of need.

Mr. Rahim Peerbhai a self-made entrepreneur and strategic business mogul owning several companies from Remco Insurance to Peers Holdings Property Management with a portfolio of acquiring more than 30 commercial properties across United States, Also the Owner & CEO of the renowned, Grand Peers Hotel located In the Heart of Texas Capital, Austin, Texas.

Writer & Editor: Eric Goss

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