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Austin is the capital of Texas and a center of culture for the Lone Star State. Residents of the Live Music Capital of the World likely know they live in one of the most artistically unique cities in the U.S.

Austinites can paddle down the Colorado River, go to a UT football game or attend one of the multiple events for which the city is famous – such as Austin City Limits or South By Southwest. But Austin-area residents also have plenty of obligations and responsibilities. One of those should be to protect the important aspects of your life with insurance.

The Benefits of Insurance Coverage

Carrying insurance is like investing in a rainy day fund. You don’t want to use it regularly. However, it’s there when you need it. When an accident or incident impacts your life, you won’t need to suffer financially as you recover from the damage. Insurance can cover many of the costs you incur, so you can get back on your feet.

Let’s say, for example, that a fire destroys your home and possessions. You might not be able to afford the costs of rebuilding on your own. But you don’t want to lose everything. With the right homeowners insurance, you can get the money you need to rebuild and recover your own security. Call us at (512) 575-2000 to get started.

Our Insurance Offerings

Most people need multiple forms of insurance. At times, however, settling on the right policy might seem challenging. Remco Insurance makes the process simple. With more than 30 years in the insurance business, we can make sure you get strong, tailored and affordable coverage. We offer multiple lines of insurance, including:

  • Auto Insurance: Your policy will meet all of Texas’ minimum insurance requirements. We will also help you expand your coverage to personalize your protection.
  • Specialty Vehicle Coverage: If you need an SR-22, classic car insurance, motorcycle coverage or even boat insurance, we’re here to help.
  • Renters and Apartment Insurance: Even if you don’t own your home, you’ll still need to protect your property. The right coverage can protect both your liabilities and your owned possessions in a rented home or facility.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Much like renters insurance, homeowners coverage protects your liabilities and possessions on the property. It can also protect the structure of the home and many other structures on the property.
  • Business Insurance: Do you run a small or large business? What about a home-based business? In each of these cases, you’ll need specific insurance coverage.

We will compare the policy options of multiple insurance providers to help you pinpoint the coverage that most effectively benefits you. That way, you won’t have to waste time or money getting a policy that isn’t a perfect fit.

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Austin residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote right now. You can also call (512) 575-2000 or stop by one of our 13 locations in Austin. We will be happy to see you!

Our Locations In Austin

  1. 2200 East 7th Street
    Austin, TX 78702
    Phone Number (512) 236-1188
    Fax Number (512) 233-2292

  2. 5009 Airport Blvd
    Austin, TX 78751
    Phone Number (512) 459-4300
    Fax Number (512) 459-4301

  3. 2731 E Cesar Chavez St
    Austin, TX 78702
    Phone Number (512) 322-9333
    Fax Number (512) 322-9444

  4. 4358 S Congress Ave
    Austin, TX 78745
    Phone Number (512) 332-9444
    Fax Number (512) 579-0884

  5. 8700 N Lamar Blvd 3
    Austin, TX 78753
    Phone Number (512) 377-9000
    Fax Number (512) 436-8935

  6. 6837 W Highway 290
    Austin, TX 78735
    Phone Number (512) 332-9444
    Fax Number (512) 351-9174

  7. 2700 S. I-H35
    Austin, TX 78704
    Phone Number (512) 445-9998
    Fax Number (888) 724-2499

  8. 12412 Limerick Ave
    Austin, TX 78758
    Phone Number (512) 836-3000
    Fax Number (512) 836-3001

  9. 8756 A Research Blvd
    Austin, TX 78757
    Phone Number (512) 454-6000
    Fax Number (512) 454-6001

  10. 1725 Riverside
    Austin, TX 78741
    Phone Number (512) 442-5900
    Fax Number (512) 502-5933

  11. 1425 East Rundberg Lane
    Austin, TX 78753
    Phone Number (512) 321-1144
    Fax Number (737) 484-0460

  12. 1133 Airport Blvd.
    Austin, TX 78702
    Phone Number (512) 535-2322
    Fax Number (512) 852-8335

  13. 2072 South Lamar Blvd.
    Austin, TX 78704
    Phone Number (512) 229-1977
    Fax Number (512) 373-8642
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