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CWEA and Los Angeles Sanitation District Award Winning Systems!


Remco Engineering manufacturers water and wastewater treatment systems up to 1 million gallons per day. We build systems for treating both incoming water and waste water for small water districts, industrial manufactures including electronics, mining, and chemical process industries, farming, and even whole house system for individuals. Our customers have won multiple awards from the Los Angeles Sanitation District and California Water Environment Association for compliance consistency including 5 year awards from the LA Sanitation District.

All of our systems are automated, featuring microprocessor control. Advanced systems can be monitored by our office anywhere in the world. We can monitor, graph, control and/or make program changes to your system in a matter of minutes. We can monitor your operation of the system and make suggestions as to maintenance intervals, cleaning cycles, etc. as required. This insures that you are not alone once you purchase a system from us, we are still active in the operation of your system!

We provide services and products to:

Monitor and Control processes
Purify incoming water,
Reduce water usage,
Minimize waste water treatment costs,
Minimize sludge,
Recycle water, ,
Minimize liability,
and improve rinsing efficiency.

We can supply influent water systems, design a full wet process area to reduce water usage and minimize waste water treatment costs (both capital and operating), and we can provide you the pieces to do it yourself. We do this by paying attention to water usage and designing equipment to fit the problem. We are not marketing products, just solutions. Our equipment has evolved to fit a variety of situations and facility sizes which require intelligent solutions. The solutions we have developed and products we have available include:

Process Automation monitoring and control - SCADA
Boiler and Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Ion Exchange metal removal and recovery systems;
Waste Water Treatment for Printed Circuit Manufactures
Reverse Osmosis systems
Electrowinning Systems,
Deionization and water softening systems;
Scrubber/Deburrer recirculation Systems
Final filter effluent polishing systems
Rinse water control systems
pH/ORP and Conductivity controllers and/or recording systems ( Nema 4 )
Point Source Ion Exchange Systems
Simplex Regeneration Modules for Ion Exchange Resins
Gas Contacting/Scrubbing Systems
Gold Recovery Systems



SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) + HMI (Human Machine Interface) = CCC (Control, Cost reduction and Confidence) 

Remco Engineering's CCC systems use real-time data acquisition and trending to allow you to see what is happening with your business, as it happens. Any process can be automated and monitored by these systems. Pioneered in the chemical and petrochemical industries, new hardware and software now allow these systems to be used for everyday processes. This results in cost savings that pay for a system in a few months.


Our state of the art systems use resins specifically designated to provide high metal holding capacity and low regeneration costs. Elution (removal) of the metal is followed by electrowinning or recycling of the metal salt. We can provide a single system for all rinses or small separate systems for each metal if rinse water lines are segregated. Our microprocessor control system automates the backwash/reclaim cycle. Three types of systems are available, the Metal Recovery Ion Exchange(MRIX) for large, end of the pipe streams, the Basic Ion Exchange (BIX) system for a modular and lower cost approach, and the Point Source Ion Exchange(P-SIX)(TM) for point source metal removal (see below). Our Power Purge regeneration system is the most efficient (See graph) in the industry providing the highest concentration of metal in the smallest volume of regenerant.


Where Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is high (over 500 PPM) or clean waste water is to be recycled, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is usually the best technology. Reverse osmosis is used on incoming water before deionization (DI) to reduce overall loading on the DI system, the DI system can last 25 times longer between regeneration or bottle changes. For wastewater treatment application, reverse osmosis is used after extensive filtration or after Metal Recover Ion Exchange (MRIX) systems. With the proper pretreatment and filtration, up to 90% of the water entering the system can be purified. Send for our reverse osmosis literature for more information.


Water recycling can save you money or cost you money. It sounds like a great idea but the hidden costs can be a drain on your resources. A properly designed system will insure that you get low operating costs. Our recycling systems can be either point source deionization resin systems, large scale deionization, or reverse osmosis polishing after ion exchange metal recovery. Each is perfect for a particular situation but none is perfect for all. Ask for the recycling applications bulletin. Please read treatment and recycling strategies for printed circuit manufacturers and water recycling costs for more information.



Dual medial filters sized for 20-200 gpm use two back-washable filters where one is on line all of the time. A microprocessor controller monitors and automatically backwashes each filter. One is always on line. If water flow increases, the system automatically increases the filtration rate until the flow comes back to equilibrium. Flow and pH logging and pH adjust are options.

If you have problems with your clarifier or other pretreatment system, a duplex polishing filter may be the perfect solution. These system are capable of taking a 20 NTU water source and cleaning it to a 0.2 output. We have installed these in metal finishing shops with excellent results.


Using a cyclone to remove metal fines is not new but following that with duplex polishing filters is. The system automatically backwashes the polishing filters when needed and switches smoothly to the clean filter when necessary. Self cleaning and efficient in a 36" x 54" floor space. We have multiple installations around the country and even have a triple counterflow module for a pumice scrubber. We have built a version of this product that includes a full metal ion exchange system with regeneration.


Remco Engineering offers a compact, wall mounted, microprocessor controlled regeneration system for regenerating ion exchange columns. The simplex regeneration modules are designed to regenerate anion, cation and chelated resins according to manufacturers specifications. These systems feature fully automated regeneration cycles with resettable timing cycles.


Reducing water flow allows for down-sizing of equipment and a reduction in capital outlay and operating costs. Reduced flow rates result in increases metal content of the effluent. The easiest way to treat metal bearing wastewater is to remove the metal at the source. We have an in tank plateout unit (P-SER) that will remove the metal from your dragout tanks. The plating unit mounts in the tank and has a NEMA 4 enclosed rectifier on the outside of the tank.

The P-SIX(TM) ion exchange modules mount next to a rinse or at the end of a line. Using small ion exchange columns sized and designed for a specific metal, we can recover metals with a final discharge of less than 0.1 ppm. Using an electrolytic recovery module to recover the metal provides a non-sludging system. A skid mounted regeneration module regenerates tanks up to 5 cu. feet. It will regenerate both Metal Recovery Ion Exchange(MRIX)and Deionization (DI) type systems and is perfect for small closed loop systems using metal recover and deionization ion exchange. Deionization is great but regeneration is difficult. We have the ONLY automatic regeneration system available as a standard product. Choose from our P-SIX ™ or our SIMPLEX ™ units


We have manufactured a wide variety of gold recover/cyanide destruct units. We have a 20 gpm RO based unit that concentrates a rinse for plateout/resin stripping and cyanide destruct. We also have built unit that treats batch dumps of gold dragouts and electrowinns most of the gold, resin strips the remainder and treats the solution for cyanide. We have developed a small, compact ion exchange system for gold rinses which utilizes a double containment tank which prevents loss of gold should a line break. The system is cost effective and can reduce your gold down the drain to a couple of parts per billion.


Ion exchange for water softening and deionized water rinsing makes sense as the product will rinse better and the hardness will be removed. Cleaners will clean better and will rinse better. The better the rinsing the less likely it is that process solutions will be carried down the line from dragout. Usually DI is best provided by a service rather than as an in-house system. A simple water softener for removing hardness will greatly improve water quality. In conjunction with a water reduction program and multiple rinse stations, the cost savings and benefits are dramatic. If water hardness is less then 75 parts per million, a deionization unit is cost effective. Over 75 parts per million, a reverse osmosis system is usually the better choice.


Water control for individual tanks, conveyor spray rinses or for the whole shop can reduce daily consumption by 90% or more when used with other techniques for rinse enhancement. Our point source rinse water add-on timers and shop microprocessor controlled rinse stations make rinsewater and control automatic. When there is no work in progress, there is no water usage, it is that simple. Our conveyor spray rinse timers have automatic board detection and dual time delays to optimize water use.


The sumpless pump is another unique product designed to ease your capital outlay. Instead of digging a pit in the ground and lining it, we actually suck the drain lines dry using a partial vacuum. The system can also be used for emptying tanks for batch treating. It is designed to adjust pH on the fly so a batch treating cycle is a one button operation. pH adjust from rinses is also adjusted on the fly. Many of our smaller metal exchange recovery units have built in eductors so the customer doesn't have to add a new sump.