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Business Insurance - El Paso, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, TX

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Business Insurance - Texas

Business Insurance for Texans Who Want Protection and Success

At Remco Auto Insurance, we have the expertise to help every Texas business owner build an effective commercial insurance portfolio. It is a vital protective barrier that any commercial operation needs. So, don’t wait; call us at 877-325-4545, and get covered today.




What is business insurance?

With commercial insurance, you’ll have financial help following unexpected, damaging accidents involving the business. Your policy can help you pay to pick up the pieces and get on with the job. Your business’s finances, reputation and image won’t suffer under the pressure of a problem.

Is it mandatory to have business insurance?

Usually, you must carry business insurance. For example, most states require business to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses with mortgages might have to carry property coverage. Your Remco agent can ensure your policy meets any personal or industry requirements.

What business insurance do I need?

Coffee shops are different from clothing stores. Restaurants are different from construction businesses. All will need business insurance, but the types and amounts of coverage will vary. Consider getting:

  • Structure insurance: If your office or storefront gets damaged from hazards like fires, vandalism or weather, this coverage can help pay to repair or even entirely rebuild the business.
  • Contents coverage: Assets like furniture, computer systems, products and stock could sustain damage in a variety of mishaps or hazards. This coverage can help you pay to replace the items.
  • Business interruption coverage: This coverage can help you cover ongoing operating costs, like employee wages or benefits payments, during temporary halts in operations. That way, your profits won’t suffer as a result of an unanticipated closure.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: Should critical machinery break down, then this coverage can help you afford repairs or replacement items.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Those who drive in the regular course of business will likely need this coverage. It can cover both business-owned and personal vehicles used for official duties.
  • Inland marine insurance: If you transport business materials or equipment via road, you might need this coverage. It will protect items of significant value when they are in transit over land.

Liability Insurance Options

If you were to cause third parties (clients, vendors or others) harm during the course of your services, you might have a responsibility to compensate them for their losses. Liability policies can help you do so.

  • Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance: This coverage usually includes property damage and bodily injury coverage. The bodily injury coverage can pay for third-party injury costs. Property damage coverage will apply to physical damage you cause to their belongings or assets.
  • Cyber liability insurance: Your computer systems contain sensitive information. Should data become compromised, a client could face financial losses and even the risk of identity theft. This coverage can help you afford services to do damage control, recover and re-secure lost data.
  • Errors & omissions (E&O) insurance: Businesses providing professional services or financial advice could cause clients personal losses. E&O coverage can help you repay those costs.
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage: Potential, current or former employees might allege misconduct during hiring, retention or termination practices. This coverage can help you respond to such claims and cover settlements.
  • Product liability insurance: If you manufacture products, they could harm someone else. This coverage can help you respond to such circumstances.
  • Personal injury coverage: This coverage applies to claims that your business committed libel, slander, defamation of character or related acts against other parties. Some policies might also cover advertising injuries.
  • Umbrella liability coverage: Sometimes, you might encounter a liability cost that exceeds the value of your standard liability policy limits. This coverage can help you cover the remainder of the costs not insured by your standard liability coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

Check your state or local laws to determine if you have to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ comp insurance provides a supplementary income for employees who get hurt or sick on the job. Most states require most or all employers with one or more employees to carry this coverage.

Consider BOP Options

Talk to our agents to determine if you qualify for a Business Owners Policy (BOP). BOPs are insurance packages that automatically contain a few key pieces of business coverage, usually:

  • Property coverage
  • Contents insurance
  • CGL coverage
  • Business interruption coverage

With a BOP, you’ll have the convenience of easy policy management and pay one premium for many types of coverage.

How much will business insurance cost?

The premium you pay for your business insurance will vary based on multiple factors. We can help you compare policies to make sure you always get one that offers the best price benefits.

What should you do about insurance coverage if you have a home-based business?

Don’t assume that your standard homeowners coverage will protect commercial assets. Tell your agent about the type of business, the materials you use, and whether you have clients visit your home. We can help you augment business coverage to specifically pertain to your home-based operation.

Contact us today

At Remco Auto Insurance, we believe that it is our accessibility that creates the most opportunity for our clients. We work with some of the best commercial insurers in America and occupy a unique position help Texas business owners find top-rated coverage. With us, you’ll get the coverage you need.

Let us help you build your commercial insurance portfolio. Contact Remco Auto Insurance at 877-325-4545  877-325-4545 or request an online quote today. It’s fast, convenient and 100-percent no-obligation. 

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