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Situated in central Texas, Temple offers convenient access to all of the Lone Star State’s major cities. As a result, it’s become a small commercial hub in and of itself. It also remains an attractive suburb of both Austin and Waco. By living here, you really will find yourself deep in the heart of Texas.

Temple residents will need various types of personal and commercial insurance to protect themselves and their assets. Let Remco Insurance Agencies help you get covered, so that you’ll have help available if problems arise.

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Temple Car Insurance

Texas roadways present a variety of accident risks for all drivers and vehicles. From highways to your driveway, you need to have car insurance for your own protection. Most policies can offer at least:

  • Liability coverage (30/60/25 limits required by Texas law)
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Personal injury protection (PIP coverage)
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage

Unique Vehicle Coverage Options: Many drivers don’t qualify for a standard car insurance policy. We’ll help you get specialized coverage options, including:

Our team can compare the policies and prices of credible Texas insurance providers. We can help you find the best possible policy to best protect the important things in your life.

Car Insurance FAQs

Which is the cheapest auto insurance?

The cheapest policies usually only contain the minimum coverage required by law. However, they lack many perks that might help you receive appropriate assistance in the event of accidents.

It’s in your best interest to buy a policy that includes additional protection, but it might come at a higher price. Still, our agents have the tools and expertise to ensure you get enough protection, but we can make sure that it still remains affordable.  

Is it cheaper to buy car insurance online or through an agent?

If you were to buy car insurance only online, you might not get the most-affordable policy within your coverage parameters. By working with one of our agents instead, you’ll have the benefit of choice.  We have partnerships with numerous insurance companies, all of which can offer policies that can similarly apply to your coverage needs. However, we can see if one company’s policy offers a lower cost than a counterpart, so that you might choose to get the cheaper policy. 

How do I get car insurance on vintage/classic cars?

Because of their unique values and special features, classic cars usually need special, classic car insurance. A standard policy might not offer enough coverage for their values and liabilities. To see if your vintage car qualifies for a policy, talk to one of our agents. 

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Temple residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (254) 771-2000. You can also stop by one of our locations in Temple. We will be happy to see you!

 Home Insurance Info (click to read more)

Temple Homeowners Insurance

Temple’s real estate market is very competitive. All buyers will need homeowners insurance in order to protect themselves, their houses and others. Policies can offer multiple lines of coverage, including 

  • Property/structure insurance
  • Possessions and contents coverage
  • Scheduled belongings insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Pet bite coverage
  • Expenses coverage

Homeowners Insurance FAQs

What is the average cost of homeowners insurance?

Your home’s insurance premium will vary based on numerous factors, like the location and value of your property. In Texas, the average cost of a policy with $200,000 in dwelling coverage and $100,000 liability coverage is about $1,900/year. However, your particular premium might be more or less. 

Can I get an insurance quote before buying a house?

In most cases, you must present proof of homeowners insurance when applying for a mortgage. We can quote and bind your policy as soon as you start the official process to close on the home. You’ll be able to start your coverage as soon as you take possession of the house.   

Do insurance companies take pictures of your home?

If you file a claim on your policy, then many home insurers will ask you to send pictures as evidence to support the claim’s validity. Furthermore, when you apply for your coverage in the first place, the insurers might ask for photographs of the home in its prime condition.

Do you need a home inspection for insurance?

Before approving you for coverage, some home insurers will conduct an inspection of the property, to gauge their cost risk of insuring the property. However, in most cases, this decision is left to the insurer. If you file a claim, then the insurer might also want to inspect the damage at that time.   

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Temple residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (254) 771-2000. You can also stop by one of our locations in Temple. We will be happy to see you!

 Renters Insurance (click to read more)

Temple Renters Insurance

A renters insurance policy can apply to almost any rental property in Texas. Policyholders can insure not only their own property, but also the liabilities and property of others. Policies usually offer: 

  • Possessions coverage
  • Liability insurance
  • Expenses coverage

Renters Insurance FAQs

Should I get renters insurance?

Just because you don’t own a rental home, you still live there. You still face potentially-harmful property damage and liability risks. Renters coverage will ensure you can recover from accidents. Besides that, most landlords require tenants to buy coverage. This illustrates how important it is to have coverage.   

How much does $100,000 renters insurance cost?

A renters policy with $100,000 in liability coverage is usually the minimum coverage that most landlords require. Therefore, it usually won’t cause a spike in your premium.

However, more than just the available liability coverage will impact the policy’s cost. Deductible costs, your possessions coverage, your location and other factors will influence the premium. As a general example, renters policies in Texas cost, on average, $19/month.    

How can I get cheap renters insurance?

We can guide you in selecting coverage that will offer the benefits that are most-appropriate to you. Once we know your needs, we can compare different policies to find one with the best help available.    

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Temple residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (254) 771-2000. You can also stop by one of our locations in Temple. We will be happy to see you!

 Business Insurance Info (click to read more)

Temple Business Insurance

Every business needs insurance. To get the right coverage, you will rely on multiple policy options like:

  • Business Owners Policies (BOPs)
  • Structure and contents coverage
  • General liability insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Business Insurance FAQs

How much does commercial insurance cost for a small business?

There’s no way to say how much your particular premium will cost. It is a unique value, because insurance companies look at multiple factors when setting your costs. Our agents, however, will make sure that you never pay too much money, or get inappropriate coverage that isn’t in your best interest.  

What insurance do you need for a small business?

You need to choose coverage specific to your financial needs and risks present within your industry. Our agents are more than happy to help you comprehensively review the coverage you need.

How do I choose business insurance?

Most small business owners can benefit from the coverage contained within BOPs. However, your industry, income or the size of the business might make not make buying this coverage conducive. Our agents can help you determine the appropriate way to buy and expand your commercial package.

How do I get business insurance quotes?  

Getting business insurance is simple. All you have to do is call one of the agents at Remco Insurance. We have over thirty years of experience in the insurance industry. We can help you quote and enroll in affordable, targeted commercial coverage. 

Temple residents: Ready to get coverage? Start by getting a free online quote or calling (254) 771-2000. You can also stop by one of our locations in Temple. We will be happy to see you!

The agents at Remco Insurance know how to help clients get the right personal or commercial insurance. We will use our thirty years of experience to help you enroll in affordable, targeted coverage.

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